this is one amazing ride from a
four-headed creative monster on heat

When Youth met Simon Tong they were both working together with The Verve, and in between Simon finishing sessions with Gorillaz and Blur, they sparked up a friendship and continued working together which resulted in them developing twin guitar, instrumental epic soundscapes. This sound obviously needed more to it and so Tim Bran was invited to apply some stark metallic synths and beautiful epic pianos. Then in spring 2005, at a Malicious Damage shin-dig, Youth was re-united with his old Killing Joke bandmate,
Big Paul Ferguson. When Big Paul heard the demos Youth had been working on it didn’t
take much to persuade him to join the project and three months later the collaborators were laying down some of the heaviest and sublime music ever recorded at the legendary Olympic Studios. Although it took six months to write, the album was recorded in three, hot steaming days in July.

This is a Transmission where the music flows effortlessly, where the melodies are fearless, juxtaposed and complemented with raw and primitive rhythms that are brutally executed. Sublime moments of timeless beauty, fragile and epic at the same time, vast dark geographies and previously uncharted maps of sound.

With the line-up always busy on respective other projects it took nearly two years to emerge with a follow-up but the results were a controlled explosion of disparate musical styles often reaching jawdropping peaks, like the emotional skyscraper of Triple Threat and its mix of dubbed-out effects, guitar resonance and Paul’s inimitable tribal rumble. Rarely does a band manage to blend musical beauty, torrential passion and sheer malevolence, sometimes in the space of one track, influences running riot, assimilated into the group’s mass organic psyche before being spewed out in glorious technicolour.

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Beyond Light CD
Noctolucent 12” vinyl + CD
Sublimity CD

Also available on download only Dance Alone EP [incl. Legend of a visiting Orb remix]

Watch the Dance Alone video HERE.