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The Orb and Malicious Damage go back a long way. Back to 1979 in fact, when Alex Paterson was a roadie with Killing Joke. We re-united back in 2004 when Colesy raided Alex’s archives for the Chaos for Breakfast box set and since then we’ve released a myriad of Paterson-related projects and side projects, the most recent being the glorious C BATTER C book, CD and DVD set. Here’s what we’ve got in the Malicious shop:

Battersea Shield: The Orb v Meat Beat Manifesto
This sonic trip to insanity and beyond sees Alex Paterson in cahoots with Jack Dangers & Lynn Farmer of Meat Beat Manifesto “one of the most influential and experimental set-ups ever to hit the dance floor” in an audio explosion of spherical-industrial-dub-electro-techno-funk delights. It’s all beautifully presented in an embossed round tin based on the celtic design of the original battersea shield. This is the only place you can get the gold edition [the shop one’s are silver]. Full details HERE.

Orbsessions volume one
This is the glorious first volume of previously unreleased orb treasures from alex paterson’s spherical archives, covering fifteen years of conspiracy and collaboration with some of the biggest names in electronic music including
Jimmys Cauty, Andy Hughes, Thomas Fehlmann, Nina Walsh, Fil le Gonidec, Vin Mcdonald, Guy Pratt, Dom Beken, Aki Omori and John Roome all beautifully packaged in the usual malicious stylee with holographic printing and bright colourful inserts unavailable anywhere else in the world. Available on double vinyl & CD.
Full details HERE

Orbsessions volume two
The second volume of the orbsessions trilogy, another manic dip into the archives ranging from spherical bliss to orbular madness... featuring Alex Paterson, Thomas Fehlmann, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Andy Hughes, vin100 and Youth... and of course the regular luscious malicious packaging. Available on double vinyl & CD. Full details HERE.

Baghdad Batteries: Orbsessions volume three
An illustrated handbook with stereo sound

The third and final installment of the Orbsessions series is actually a new album, featuring music created specially for Werner Boote's film "Plastic Planet"
“There’s a very special atmosphere to this album: two men bouncing ideas and exploring in unique Orb style to make a classic Orb album, hitting the magic place Alex always strives for, but this time with a lustful vengeance tempered with new gentleness and a movie in their heads.” Available on double vinyl & CD. Full details HERE.

This unique package is the physical manifestation of Battersea Bunches, the film shown at Brixton’s Red Gate Gallery last December along with an exhibition of related visuals by Mike Coles. The soundtrack is a 17-minute, specially-written piece by Alex Paterson and esteemed Berlin-based electronic pioneer Thomas Fehlmann, an Orb satellite member for over 20 years, now accompanied by a string of remixes which home in on the track’s constantly morphing moods and take them further out in total sympathy. The book contains Colesy’s images from the exhibition along with snatches of poetry from Alex Paterson & Lil Newell. The audio remixes are by Autolump, Being, David Harrow, Gaudi, Nocturnal Sunshine & Thomas Felhmann. The DVD contains the original Battersea Bunches film plus 3 video remixes by Colesy. Full details HERE.

Watch the Nocturnal Bunch video remix HERE.

Watch the Brixton to Harrow video remix HERE.

Watch the Dolly Unit video HERE.
Listen to Alex Paterson's Chilled Chewy Choosedays radio show HERE