...original hip-hop innovation,
sonic anarchy
and earth-level raunch

Heavy Funk Bass, Hairy Fuzzy Balls, Hope Fun Baby, Hippy’s Full Brunch, Heavenly Fried Bananas, Hideous Face Bends, Highlands First Bank, Hydrogen Fart Bomb, Hen’s Breath Fixation, Hitchcock’s First Blunder… or a technical term regarding aural expansion developments called High Frequency Bandwidth.

These initials are important.

“All our song titles fit the letters HFB” says Dr Alex Paterson, joint perpetrator of the
High Frequency Bandwidth project with Dom Beken. The two men have made a Huge Fucking Broohaha with their mission to inject some original hip-hop innovation, sonic anarchy and earth-level raunch into the electronic foragings they’re notorious for.

Dom will be familiar to Malicious followers as one half of the dynamic doggie duo
Belka & Strelka and founder member of the legendary Transit Kings. His illustrious
career has seen him working with artists including Manson, Echo and the Bunnymen,
Pete Wiley & Graeme Park, David Bowie, Lulu, Placebo’s Brian Molko, Liberty X & Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright [RIP]. A long-term collaboration with Pink Floyd’s touring bassist
Guy Pratt not only led to scoring TV programmes like Channel 4’s Spaced but to his old friend Dr Alex Paterson.

Alex is, of course, The Orb, for 20 years the ultimate embodiment of the acid house
spirit, before and beyond, from early avant electronic and ambient to the furthest
galaxies with major success. Alex loves a good satellite project: first himself, Dom
and Guy formed Transit Kings with original Orb member Jimmy Cauty of mould-breakers KLF, making the widely acclaimed Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God album
and touring festivals. After that, with Alex and Dom’s Heavy Flapping Bollocks inflamed
with creative juices bursting to escape and, while Dom joined Alex in Orb activities,
HFB started to materialise.

HFB have recently created the BAFTA-nominated soundtrack for Sony’s best-selling game PixelJunk Shooter which is available here on download.

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