“when man and machine work in such perfect harmony,
nature and technology, hand in hand,
then moments of awestruck beauty can emerge"

After many years recording and gigging around the UK with other Bristol bands
Viki and Owen Shirley got married, retreated to their Bristol home studio and began
work on a very special and personal project. They called it Canola (the celtic goddess
of music) Tenderfoot (a novice) and thus Canola Tenderfoot’s first album was completed
and released on Malicious Damage.

With no agenda other than to make the best music they could, Canola Tenderfoot utilised electronics, ambience and real-life instruments to create highly addictive beats, deep melodic grooves and tunes that haunt, heal and uplift. Viki’s delicious vocals soar above this musical soundscape with delicately crafted lyrics about love, loss, hope & frustration, tales of joy, of friendships and of getting wasted.

Apart from their own music, Canola Tenderfoot have worked with Jon Kennedy, Sweet Laredo and The Porcupine, while Viki has lent her charismatic vocals to artists ranging from Bristol's Beard of Meats to the legends that are Sly & Robbie.

You can buy Winning Is For Losers HERE.
Watch the haunting Eleven Eleven video HERE.