autolump: lord that made me my tea!

They put something in the tea up in Hull, spawning ground of the mighty Autolump. Ask Dr Alex Paterson about his old friend and collaboratoer Fil Le Gonidec and, along with the seal of approval, back comes a wide grin; ‘He drinks a lot of tea’.

These marathon brew-stoked sessions pay off well as Fil and partner-in-Autolump Ian Auto, pour their latest P.G.-tipped sonic pyramid; a triple-header displaying further dimensions of electronic intricacy, surreal splashes and vat-busting bass frequencies, plantation space testicles a-swinging all the way.

Now they’re pouring mischievous electronic gold for Malicious Damage.

The duo have supported The Orb around the world, part of the extended family, so obviously there’s the odd common flash, a starry-eyed and laughing irreverence born out of traversing similar mental and musical ski-slopes. That bass is ultra-important, beats treated like 90s Detroit surgical attack weapons or the gentle truss on a young buffalo when the tempo drops to dub on the half-ambient Nelli’s Fridge. This ten-minute high plains drifter builds from near-silence through weightless cave floatation into a cinematic desert sand-storm, heightened by spaghetti western guitar twang while the ever-present undergrowth of electronic swells and billowing creepers is allowed to come into its own too. More tea, vicar? Yes please...

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Diamond Dust EP